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How do we determine the optimum sizes for the design layout?

The dimensional elements of the product are that it is highly flexible and can be used in spans of up to 5m or also could be used in single rows in much larger distances (50m or more in corridors for instance).

The Intelligent Grid sizes can be dictated by

  1. Optimum lighting layout design: We can undertake this if required using DIALux based on known dimensions or provided CAD drawings.
  2. Position of assets within the space: For instance, in a supermarket environment, we will have aisles designed for optimum use and we fit the Intelligent Grids to this known layout.
  3. A reflected ceiling plan: If required we can design around air conditioning units, sprinklers and other devices as Intelligent Grids can be different sizes across a building.
  4. Large scale: We design the Intelligent Grids at optimum size to carry very large electrical loads in areas of 1000’s of square metres or more.
  5. Custom designs: We offer bespoke design layouts if customers require it for a specific reason.


What standards does the Intelligent Grid comply to?

Intelligent Grid is CE certified. Applications for local certifications (for example, DEWA in Dubai), are considered on a project by project basis.


How does the Intelligent Grid offer energy savings over traditional power delivery?

Energy can be saved in three ways:

1.    Patented use of low voltage three-phase power

2.    Take off boxes house electronics (drivers) that reduce power consumption for LED lighting

3.    Sensors and software enable daylight harvesting and granular control of connected devices to drive incremental efficiencies

To discuss how Intelligent Grid can help you to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint, please contact us.


What light fixtures does Intelligent Grid support?

We offer a range of lighting designed to deliver energy savings (70 per cent compared to florescent and 40 per cent compared to LED lighting). Fixtures outside our range would require review from IGS’ R&D team to confirm compatibility.


How much does the Intelligent Grid cost?

The level of investment in Intelligent Grid depends on your practical requirements along with operational, experiential and environmental objectives. Please contact the sales team to discuss how Intelligent Grid can add value to your operation.


Can I get a sample?

Face-to-face presentations using a demonstration kit are possible depending on your location — please contact the sales team for more details. Where this isn’t feasible, our presentations, videos and calculators can help to illustrate the potential impact Intelligent Grid could have on your operation or business.

Alternatively, please sign-up for our Clima newsletter to receive invites to the trade shows that we exhibit or participate in around the world.


What type of sensors can I add to the Intelligent Grid?

IGS has a range of tested and compatible environmental sensors available to connect to the Intelligent Grid platform. These include:

Environmental e.g. CO2, temperature, acoustics, humidity, light

Analytical and tracking e.g. customer behaviour, occupancy, anonymous tracking

Automation e.g. control and automation of HVAC, fire, security systems; controlling blinds in greenhouses; summoning lifts in car parks.

IGS’ R&D team can review alternative sensors to determine compatibility and any required modifications. Please contact the Intelligent Grid team to discuss your requirements.


What HVAC or other systems does Intelligent Grid connect to and how?

Intelligent Grid connects other hardware or systems using standard APIs. For example, a sensor fixed to Intelligent Grid can control HVAC systems or summon a lift in a car park.


Are there any Artificial Intelligence sensors available?

Yes, our R&D team can assess AI sensors to determine Intelligent Grid compatibility and make recommendations.


Are any machine learning sensors available?

Our R&D team can assess machine learning sensors to determine Intelligent Grid compatibility and make recommendations.


Can each luminaire be controlled individually?

Intelligent Grid has a range of luminaires that can be individually controlled for a range of applications. The R&D team can assess alternative luminaires specified by the customer to determinecompatibility and any required modifications.


Can any other ‘off-grid’ lighting be controlled by the same system?

Yes, it is possible if the ‘off-grid’ lighting has acompatible communications protocol to Intelligent Grid.


Can the lighting dim to off smoothly?

Yes. The range of lighting compatible with Intelligent Grid and our cloud software enables smooth flicker-free dimming to zero.


Can I program/control the light spectrum?

Yes. Certain models in our range of lighting are multi-spectrum and variable wavelength. This is controlled using the IGS cloud application software.


What communication protocol do you use?

Intelligent Grid uses a wireless mesh network. Alternatively, protocols can be integrated following an assessment by our R&D team to test technical and commercial viability.


How long are the busbars?

Busbars are supplied in 2.5 m and 5 m (maximum) lengths as standard. Non-standard sizes less than 5 m are available on request.


Is Intelligent Grid configurable?

Busbars insert into the hubs and connectors at 45° angled increments, enabling a variety of configurations from rectangular or square-shaped spaces to those with irregular dimensions.


What is the longest system that can be deployed?

Intelligent Grid can potentially provide lighting, sensors, devices and communications for any size of space, but is designed to be used at scale. Intelligent Grid’s standard 5kW transformer enables the construction of a scalable and modular platform at a size to meet the requirements for most environments.

Additional Intelligent Grid networks can be built alongside one another and independently powered. 1kW, 5kWand 15kW transformers are also available. Please contact our sales team to discuss the dimensions and requirements for your Intelligent Grid installation.


What size of space can Intelligent Grid cover?

This depends on the number of lights and devices you want to install and their power consumption. Intelligent Grid’s standard 5kW transformer facilitates the creation of a sizeable platform that can be expanded or scaled back as required. Additional Intelligent Grid networks can be built alongside each other and independently powered. 1kW, 5kW and 15kW transformers are available.


Is it waterproof and safe to touch?

Busbars, hubs and connectors are waterproof and safe to touch due to low voltage output. Take off boxes are available with an IP66 rating. Alternative ingress protection ratings can be assessed depending on the scope of the project.


Can emergency lighting be added or just standard lighting types?

Intelligent Grid’s product range includes emergency lighting. The R&D team can review alternative products to determine compatibility and any required modifications.


Can I have the bars in different colours?

Yes. Whilst it is designed as a simple bare busbar solution, colour options can be discussed and considered for specific applications.


What fixtures/fittings are required to attach to the ceiling?

Intelligent Grid is typically fixed using catenary wire and fixtures and M10 threaded rods. Other fixture methods can be considered as part of an application design review.


Are daylight harvesting options available?

Yes. Customers are able to configure lighting level rules through the Intelligent Grid cloud software which communicate with sensors. These measure lighting levels in real-time and automatically control light output throughout the system.