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Battle of the bulbs: LED vs HPS

Food producers growing in indoor farming environments like greenhouses or polytunnels will no doubt be well aware of the importance of horticultural lights. But which technology is best – High Pressure Sodium (HPS), LED, or perhaps a mix of both?


What makes a good light for growing vegetables and fruits?

Nearly all your vegetables and fruits need light to grow. Whether the source is the sun or artificial lighting in an indoor horticultural environment, plant growth is affected by light intensity, spectrum, and duration.


Transform your smart parking with the Intelligent Grid

Intelligent Grid offers car park operators opportunities to reduce costs and carbon footprint while improving customers’ experience. You can always scale it by adding busbars, sensors, and applications to remain competitive as technology and requirements evolve.


How horticulture under glass can benefit from IoT technology

Are you operating a horticulture-under-glass business? Read our latest blog post to find out how emerging IoT technologies can help you maximise your productivity while minimising your CO2 emissions?


Intelligent car parks: how technology is transforming parking

As a result of COVID19 people have come to value their private vehicles more than ever because of the safety, control, and isolation that they offer. This surge in popularity inevitable boosts opportunities for car park owners. In this blog post, we look at how operators can optimise its operation for both profitability and safety by integrating IoT into an intelligent car park system.


How retailers can adopt a smart store reopening strategy

As retailers recover from the shock of COVID-19, they face a further formidable challenge. As lockdowns ease, how can they achieve smart reopening? Read our latest blog post on how you can use innovative technology to deliver stores that are safe and also achieving financial success.


A (parking) space to call your own

We have all taken a poorly judged turn into a dark and dingy underground car park that threatens to leave us without any wheels, not to mention a few pennies poorer. Multi-storey or underground car parks are an absolute necessity in urban areas where space is at a premium, but that doesn't mean they should be unpleasant, claustrophobic or - most crucially - unsafe.


Twinning is winning in the world of IoT

In his latest blog, James Means explores the concept of digital twinning. What does it really mean, and what might the implications of digital twinning be for you and your business? 


Smart spaces, smarter solutions: Three key priorities facing the Facilities Management sector

As workplaces evolve and become more sophisticated, the role of Facilities Management has changed beyond recognition, becoming more robust, demanding and technical. New trends are emerging all the time, now perhaps more than ever before. IGS' eGuide explores three of the key areas of challenges facing the Facilities Management sector and outlines some of the core adaptations that can be made to meet the changing needs of service users across the central themes of enhanced environment, energy monitoring and wellbeing.


Sustainability at the heart of smart solutions

When the United Nations first set out its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, it became immediately apparent that technology development would play a crucial role if the 17 goals were to be achieved. As such, the Facilities Management sector cannot afford for sustainability to simply be a buzzword: it must be built into every part of a building and the way it functions both for current and future occupants.


Moo-ve over for IoT technology: dairy farming fit for the future

The practice of drinking cows’ milk has been present in Central Europe for more than 7,500 years. Over many generations of farmers, the process has been refined again and again with advances in recent years driving forward efficiencies as never before in order to meet a demand for milk that continues to rise as the global population increases exponentially.


The quest for the perfect veg

Wonky veg is having a moment, and quite rightly. Traditional food producers, tired of the wastage caused by retailers’ obsession with poker straight carrots, perfectly spherical apples and non-nobbly potatoes, have fought back in recent years, arguing that despite their imperfect shape these ingredients deliver just as much in terms of taste and nutrition as their more aesthetically-pleasing counterparts.


Retail and IoT: a match made in heaven?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail experience has been fundamentally altered both for consumers and operators alike. As we begin to move forward and adapt to a new way of living and working, creating a retail space that is capable of being flexible to changing needs will be vital to ensuring future viability.

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