We were delighted that our Managing Director of Intelligent Grid Solutions, Mike Letchford, was invited by Elemental to talk about how admirable pursuit for more sustainable and secure food production spawned a second venture capable of enabling amazing, indoor environments for people.

Focusing on the challenges of a modern world often trying to balance very binary investment exercises, Mike examined how workplaces, urban spaces and retail environments can benefit from investments in IoT, smart infrastructure and emerging building technology.

Beginning with assisting modern farmers with tools to secure the food supply chain through to welcoming staff back to work in a post-COVID world. Key to this is the repurposing of urban spaces enjoying safer and more immersive work, retail, and leisure experiences.  

Mike shared his insights on how embracing innovation and employing smart, energy-efficient, and sustainable technology can save operational costs whilst boosting occupants’ wellbeing, engagement, and productivity.  

To find out more get in touch to discover how you can enhance your customer-centric experience, whilst also embracing a Net Zero Carbon strategy.

About the author

Mike Letchford

As the son on of an army-man, I have always loved the outdoors and travelled far and wide and still very much enjoy doing so today! Our family finally settled in Yorkshire, where I still live today and where I met the love of my life, Rachel and with our wonderful son, Thomas. With a passion for all things outdoors, I love getting out on my bike, plus I’m a self-confessed motor-head with a love of motorbikes and Land Rovers.