When the United Nations first set out its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, it became immediately apparent that technology development would play a crucial role if the 17 goals were to be achieved.

As such, the Facilities Management sector cannot afford for sustainability to simply be a buzzword: it must be built into every part of a building and the way it functions both for current and future occupants. At the core of driving sustainability is having systems in place that can work more efficiently and with greater flexibility, allowing smart spaces to be designed and altered according to the needs of the individual.

From our roots developing solutions for the agritech and vertical farming sectors, IGS quickly realised that the same innovative IoT-enabled power and controls platform could be adapted into an energy efficient modular system capable of managing and monitoring lights, sensors, cameras and communications for complete climate control and reporting. From this concept, our Intelligent Grid product was born.

The Intelligent Grid offers a fully scalable modular design suitable for use in a huge range of situations: from workspaces and educational facilities to retail units or events spaces. The list is endless. The technology also enables customers to meet several of the UN’s SDGs.

SDG11 Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable 

With an increasing demand for energy due to population growth, Intelligent Grid creates smart spaces for improving workforce productivity and customer experiences with increased safety and security. 

In public spaces, for example, the system is able to increase occupant satisfaction, comfort and productivity through superior flicker-free light quality and precise control and monitoring. IoT-enabled sensors and cameras powered by the system can also survey occupancy levels and activate security, safety and fire systems. 


SDG12 Sustainable consumption and production patterns 

Intelligent Grid can reduce the carbon footprint in both new build and retrofit projects. IGS’ patented use of three-phase electricity makes the system a more efficient and flexible alternative to conventional high-voltage powered systems. 

The lifecycle of our platform is significantly increased as the Take Off Boxes that control LED lighting and other devices such as cameras or sensors are not hardwired and easily clip on and off by hand. The platform remains in place, but the technology connected to it is removed and replaced when required. This delivers significant savings in installation and maintenance time.  


SDG13 Climate action 

Customers using Intelligent Grid technology can benefit from around 30 per cent reduction in energy consumption compared to other LED lighting systems and 70 per cent for fluorescent lighting systems. 

In addition, the technology is device agnostic and compatible with third-party sensors, cameras and luminaires - future-proofing against the next generation of technology with higher efficiencies. 

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Mike Letchford

As the son on of an army-man, I have always loved the outdoors and travelled far and wide and still very much enjoy doing so today! Our family finally settled in Yorkshire, where I still live today and where I met the love of my life, Rachel and with our wonderful son, Thomas. With a passion for all things outdoors, I love getting out on my bike, plus I’m a self-confessed motor-head with a love of motorbikes and Land Rovers.