Smart car parks

Look at the future of car parks with the Intelligent Grid and its integrated IoT sensors.

Smart car park technology enables a more positive experiencefor drivers, while also helping operators to increase revenue and improve safety and security.

The Intelligent Grid enables you to optimise parking management, reduce power consumption and enhance drivers' experience.

The platform is a power and communications system that allows safe and easy connection of Industry 4.0-enabled lighting, cameras, sensors, and devices connected to the Cloud. These are backed by IoT-based monitoring, control and data analysis software.

For car park operators, installation costs are minimised as the Intelligent Grid’s extra-low voltage platform makes it safe for non-technical staff to install and use. It is quick and easy to modify for different space layouts and can effectively integrate next-generation devices and more advanced artificial intelligence software.

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Enhance drivers’ experience with real-time updates including directions to vacant spaces.

Automatically adjust lighting on an individual or zone-by-zone basis using sensors and Cloud software to reduce operational costs.

Deliver a safer user experience with sensorsmonitoring air quality and car engine running warnings.

Reduce carbon footprint with energy savings of up to 70 per cent versus fluorescent and 40 per cent versus LED lighting.

How we have innovated

IGS’ patented use of three-phase power delivers strong cost savings on a total cost of ownership basis, combined with communications functionality.


The busbars feature low voltage and zero flicker, reducing power costs by 40 per cent compared with traditional LED solutions. No trunking or cable trays are required.

Hubs and connectors

The hub and its connectors enable a highly flexible solution for easy scalability. The system is easy to reconfigure to a multitude of layouts.

Take off box

The take off box makes it easy to integrate sensor capabilities such as air quality, people tracking, lamps, etc. to either existing or new set-ups.

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