Smart car parks

Look at the future of car parks with the Intelligent Grid and its integrated IoT sensors. The platform enables you to optimise your parking management, reduce power consumption and enhance drivers' experience.

The problem and how we solved it...

IGS offers a flexible LED lighting platform designed for all indoor environments featuring extra-low voltage for non-technical installs to handle. It creates user-centric and interactive environments with Industry 4.0-enabled LED lighting, sensors, cameras and devices connected to the cloud, which hosts IGS’ software for control, monitoring and data analysis.

The integrated IoT sensors can reduce safety risks and enhance secure parking, way finding for where to park, save power consumption and lower maintenance costs.

Automatic cost savings

Automatically adjust lighting on an individual or zone by zone basis with sensors and our cloud software to reduce operational costs.

Real time vacancy

Enhance drivers' experience with real-time updates including directions to vacant spaces.


Save time and frustration for drivers by using sensors to monitor whether the space is in use or not.

Navigate drivers

Navigate drivers to available spaces and reduce the amount of circulation as they ‘blindly’ search for a parking spot.

Clean air sensors

Secure safe parking with sensors for clean air, odour and car engine running warnings.

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