Future of events

Intelligent Grid provides event organisers the ability to quickly reconfigure the platform according to each event’s needs. Whether a wedding, a sales conference, a public event or other gathering, customise LED lighting and sensors to suit your audience’s time at your venue.

The problem and how we solved it...

Intelligent Grid offers venue hosts and event organisers a fresh approach to hosting groups. The platform makes it simple to install and configure, or reconfigure on demand, without the need for certified electricians or technicians to handle. Standard venue labour can handle the platform safely without any training required

Use the Take Off Boxes to relocate a light for speakers, performers or other centres of attraction. Add sensors to monitor room temperature and humidity for IoT connected devices that communicate with environmental controls and keep your space perfectly comfortable. Collect data on traffic patterns and foot fall to report metrics to your clients for best floor arrangements at conferences and tradeshows.

Reduce installation costs

Reduce installation costs by not requiring electricians to configure the lighting and controls correctly for different types of events.

Adjust quickly

Maximise the utilisation of space for each event by easily and quickly adjusting the layout to suit your needs.

Modern design

Offer a modern, elegant design that provides low visual impact due to its simple design.

Hide cables

Eliminate trunking or cable trays expose or hide it behind dropped ceilings.

Smart integrations

Upscale your venue lighting by integrating smart loudspeakers, crowd sensors and Bluetooth beacons.

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