Commercial lighting for facility managers

Intelligent Grid delivers power and communications for LED lighting, sensors and the broader IoT connected environment. Facilities managers can build smart spaces by integrating fire and security devices and sensors for monitoring and controlling HVAC systems.

The problem and how we solved it...

The Intelligent Grid creates user-centric and interactive environments with Industry 4.0 enabled LED lighting, sensors, cameras and devices connected to the cloud, which hosts the IGS’ software for control, monitoring and data analysis.

Improve your operational efficiency and reduce labour costs by using smart systems. The Intelligent Grid enables you to automate your processes by incorporating interconnected technologies.

Next generation

Future-proof your building to support the next generation of devices and innovations in IoT and artificial intelligence.


Integrate many other disciplines such as fire, security and HVAC systems in addition to power and communication for lighting, sensing and control.


Configure rules-based software to control lights and other building equipment based on sensor data.

Service based

Have the flexibility to provide Lighting as a Service (LaaS) and offer a higher level of service for less.

Low running costs

Provide quick and simple installation and maintenance at low running costs that can be easily re-deployed.

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