Horticulture and IoT farming

Intelligent Grid enables precise and efficient calibration of greenhouses, polytunnels and indoor farming to yield excellent vegetables and fruits that are economically sound and with minimum impact on the environment.

The problem and how we solved it...

Intelligent Grid’s LED lighting can reduce energy consumption but also increase crop productivity, consistency, and quality. The integrated IoT sensors can reduce labour, safety risks and much more.  

Horticulturists can create smart growing environments with precisely tuned and timed, growth-stage appropriate lighting comprehensively or with mixed cycles.

Reduce costs

Reduce operational costs while still providing a productive environment for a monoculture or polyculture of crops all year round. 

Precise control

Spectral tuning capabilities ensure maximum light efficiency is achieved giving plants the light they need, when they need it and enables precision control of the crop to enhance flavour, appearance, and nutrition.


Change site layouts for optimum seasonal conditions and crop type without high fixed costs thanks to its flexible, modular design.


Enhance health and safety with sensors for monitoring and controlling CO2, UV lights and fire.

Future proof

Future-proof your site to support the next generation of devices and innovations in IoT and artificial intelligence.

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