Smart livestock farming

With the Intelligent Grid, farmers and breeders can closely simulate natural light and circadian rhythms to boost productivity, animal welfare and positive behaviours.

The problem and how we solved it...

The Intelligent Grid is an IoT platform using multi-spectrum and variable wavelength lights and smart sensors to improve energy efficiency, animal welfare and productivity.  

Farmers can make automated spectral adjustments to lighting zones to suit the growth phase of your animals and achieve energy efficiency. Operational costs can further be reduced by harnessing daylight harvesting of natural light in any building or area and ensure animals or people get the best lighting levels 24/7.

Reduce stress

Reduce animal stress levels and increase productivity and yield without disturbing the livestock.

Automatic light

Harness daylight harvesting and automatic dawn to dusk cycles for each growth stage.

Simulate light

Simulates natural light and circadian rhythms to improve animal growth productivity and welfare.


Monitor internal climate and greenhouse gases.

Data based

Use data to better understanding your animal behaviours and detect disease or infections.

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