Future of retail

Retailers can create smart environments by varying LED lighting ‘recipes’ on the fly and integrating IoT sensors for personalised mobile marketing, monitoring and controlling devices to give a great in-store experience.

The problem and how we solved it...

Adapt to the changed consumer behaviour and transform your in-store shopping experience by embracing smart technologies such as IoT and AI.  

The Intelligent Grid allows you to make this digital transition without significant spending in software, hardware, and installation. Intelligent Grid provides a one-stop solution platform for a wide range of sensors, cameras and monitoring devices. It is highly flexible and adaptable for new store layouts and merchandising requirements.

Reduce costs

Reduce store operating costs whilst still providing an exciting and attractive environment to maximise sales.


Change lighting and store layouts for product promotions and based on our sensor data without high fixed costs.


Future-proof your building to support the next generation of devices and innovations in IoT and artificial intelligence.


Have the flexibility to provide Lighting as a Service (LaaS) and offer a higher level of service for less.

GDPR compliant

IGS cloud software allows dynamic capture of customer behaviour tracking that complies with GDPR and data protection regulations.

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