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Intelligent Grid Solutions addresses the critical commercial challenges of saving energy, reducing installation and maintenance costs and future-proofing while making the environment more attractive and productive for consumers, staff and owners.

Intelligent Grid creates user driven, interactive environments with Internet of Things (IoT) enabled LED lighting, sensors, cameras and devices connected to both the cloud and our web app for control, monitoring and data analysis.

Make spaces thrive

We have solved the top challenges faced with smart spaces.

  • More flexibility

    We provide flexible sizes for various configurations and a variety of compatible devices. You can also choose to engage in Light as a Service (LaaS), giving you financial flexibility. Operating expense (OPEX) instead of Capital expenditure (CAPEX).

  • Reduced power consumption

    The Intelligent Grid’s patented 3-phase power and communications platform delivers collapsed energy costs using IoT to manage LED lighting, cameras and sensors.​

  • Lower maintenance costs

    Our flexible solution is quick and easy to change for any space layout. With an adaptable platform for integration of future technologies, such as sensing and control, you can reduce operating costs for LED lighting.​

How we have innovated

IGS’ proprietary and patented use of three-phase power delivers strong cost savings on a total cost of ownership basis, combined with communications functionality.


The busbars feature low voltage and zero flicker, reducing power costs by 40 per cent compared to traditional LED solutions. No trunking or cables trays are required.

Hubs & connectors

The hub and its connectors enable a highly flexible solution for scalability. It’s easy to reuse when reconfiguring any type of space layout.

Take off box

The take off box makes it easy to integrate sensing capabilities, such as air quality, people tracking, lamps, etc. to existing or new set-ups.

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